About Us

Bringin' the Junk Out of the Trunk...

That's what led Beth Bright, owner and operator of Blue Star Collections to her shop in 104 6th Ave in Superior, IA. Recently moving from her shop in downtown Spencer ~ IA, Beth recently purchased and rescued the old Methodist Church in Superior. She is planning to have her first occasional show at this new location by the fall of 2011.

Since Beth was born, she's been surrounded by entrepreneurial parents, who she supported through their careers, and now they support through hers!  She's been a creative soul since she can remember, and has always found a way to fit that square peg in a round hole!  

Beth is married to Brian Bright, owner and operator of CAMM Air (Corporate Aircraft Mobile Maintenance), based out of Spencer, Iowa. They're a great team, who support one another in their business ventures!  Whether they're floating on their boat, trailing on their bikes, or hunting for junk, they're always "pop-corning" (as Beth would say) about their next venue!

Blue Star Collections is the latest 'n greatest in home furnishings...no need to spend that extra dime for your designs, just stop by Beth's next sale and take advantage of her creative decor' and staging advice at a reasonable price!  In fact, if you'd like a sneak preview, simply watch the video below and enjoy - Just make sure the volume's up on your speakers!

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